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Halloweensie 2018

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

I don't actually keep a blog normally, but here's my Halloweensie 2018 contest entry.


By Stephanie Lau (

100 words

After escaping from a family of candy crazed bears, Moldilocks collapsed in front of three bubbling containers.

“Bubble baths!” she said. She stirred around some pinkish bits. “And someone even added rose petals!”

But when she slid into the first container, she howled, “Too hot!”

And when she slid into the second container, she shivered, “Too cold!”

When she slid into the third container, she purred, “Just right!” And promptly fell asleep.

A family of shrieking witches disturbed her slumber. “You’ve ruined our brain stew!”

Moldilocks tumbled from the cauldron and zipped home.

She decided to stay home next Halloween.

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